Skiing + cross-country skiing

Hlinsko ski resort

The Hlinsko ski resort lies in the beautiful Bohemian-Moravian Highlands. It offers things to do for families with children, as well as for beginner and experienced skiers. It has a blue, red and black downhill slope and a new children’s slope.


Svratka ski resort

This downhill slope lies in the north-eastern part of the Žďárské vrchy Protected Landscape Area. It has plenty to offer for children and beginners as well as for more experienced downhill skiers. There is a car park by the refreshment buffet and there is a heated tent for skiers overcome by fatigue. 400 m ski lift, artificial lighting, artificial snow; ski lift capacity is 400 people per hour.


Hluboká u Trhové Kamenice ski resort

10 km from Hlinsko in Bohemia. In the village of Trhová Kamenice there are signs that will lead you safely to the resort, which offers a blue and a black downhill slope. The ski lift is 400 long and for children there is an 80 m rope ski lift.


Trhová Kamenice downhill slope

This downhill slope lies a few kilometres from the town of Hlinsko. The slope is 300 metres long. Poma ski lift and children’s rope ski lift (50 metres). There is a free car park by the Sokol building. Refreshments available in a heated chalet with seating.


Jimramov ski resort

Situated on the northern slopes of the village of Nový Jimramov sloping down to the Fryšávka River. This resort is unique in Vysočina for its size, rugged terrain and the fact that the routes can be used for downhill skiing. It provides excellent skiing conditions for demanding skiers as well as for complete beginners. There is a well-maintained snow park and the Canada 800 m ski cross track, while the freestyle skiing option makes this a very popular resort.


Cross-country skiing

The area around Hlinsko is also perfect for cross-country skiers, who can ski through to various places. Overview of maintained tracks in the Hlinsko region:

Short routes

Hlinsko - Rataje (3 km green, 4 km blue, 5 km red), standard tracks with an emphasis on an interesting and rugged profile, modified for the classic cross-country style and also ideal for skating

Long routes

Hlinsko - Jeníkov - Hlinsko (10 km), St. Wenceslas’ Chapel, prominent cottage buildings, Pešava (697 a.s.l.), the highest peak of the Iron Mountains, is nearby

Hlinsko - Dědová - Hlinsko (15 km), production of wooden toys, Hlinecká 30 SKI traditional cross-country skiing race

Hlinsko - Kameničky (8 km), turns right in the village of Ovčín, ends near the local church, Antonín Slavíček Gallery, semi-timbered cottages, Czech Village of the Year 2001

Hlinsko - Filipov - Svratka (15 km), source of the Chrudimka, views of the Žďárské vrchy hills; can turn off from the route to the villages of Jeníkov, Dědová, Kameničky; the traditional Hlinsko-Svratka hiking crossing takes place on this route


Discover the beauty of Vysočina

Downhill and cross-country skiing

Visit the Hlinsko ski resort and enjoy a fun-packed day. 450-metre downhill slope, 3 ski lifts, equipment hire and ski school.


Vysočina is situated right in the heart of the Czech Republic, on the border between Bohemia and Moravia. It offers lots of hiking routes for walkers.


The area around Hlinsko offers lots of cycling routes and trails, taking you to the most beautiful and quietest parts of Vysočina.

Places of interest and culture
Places of interest and culture

The Hlinsko region has numerous cultural sights, popular family attractions and natural places of interest. There’s something for everyone.